ReservePrism parameterizes simulation models of the loss development process using your triangles or individual claims data.
ReservePrism permits you to estimate variability of reserves by analyzing synthetic claims data.
ReservePrism simulates fundamental loss claim generation, leading to better understanding of the characteristics of your book of business.
ReservePrism fits frequency and severity models to your complicated claim data.
ReservePrism helps you know history, current, and future
Advanced R Technology and Bridge between GUI

What is ReservePrism?

ReservePrism@2011 is an advanced enterprise actuarial loss reserving and pricing platform. Its foundation is the CAS Public Loss Simulator, but it reaches much further. Given either real detail claim data or real triangles, ReservePrism analyzes, parameterizes, and fits them into its advanced R simulation engine, which produces claims that have similar statistical characteristics (e.g. lags, payments, frequency, case reserves, adjustment, etc) as your claim data or triangles. Finally, by analyzing those synthetic claims, ReservePrism will yield distributions of ultimate losses and reserves by accident year, calendar year and all years combined.

Real Example: ReservePrism Claim Level Simulation
Quantify and Know your Actuarial Data
Foreknowledge through the Synthetic Claim Simulation
Measure your Various Reserving Methods
Advanced R Technology